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Who are the Coltishall Cowards ?


So why are we called the Coltishall Cowards when we meet in Hoveton? Well the club was formed in the early 1980’s and originally met at the Village Hall in Coltishall. In late 2006 the club moved to the Broadland Community Centre in Hoveton to take advantage of the better facilities on offer, but the name has stuck.


The rules of the club are set out in the Constitution.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in April.

The club is apolitical and non-discriminatory.


We are a small but friendly group of like-minded hobbyists who enjoy placing an emphasis on the aesthetically-pleasing side of tabletop gaming. You will rarely see a miniatures game being played without skillfully crafted terrain, scenery, and features. The club carries a large stock of such pieces which are available for members to use in their games, or to borrow under certain conditions. Members are asked to remember that these pieces have taken much time and effort to produce, and to treat them with the respect and care that they deserve.


Many members will be able to offer you advice on making terrain pieces and painting miniatures.

We are fortunate at the Centre to have a large hall area and two separate rooms around it available for gaming. Generally gaming evenings are quiet and relaxed, so if your game is likely to be noisy you are asked to respect other people’s games and to arrange to play in a place which will not have an adverse affect on their play. Please ask if in doubt.


Members are encouraged to participate. On most evenings there will be an “open” game in which anybody can take part, subject to numbers. Feel free to approach other members and ask about their games. Also if you have an idea for a game, or wish to run an open game, your contribution would be most welcome. Remember that game umpires are excused participation fees!


Which games are played?

Tabletop miniatures, board games, card games, really there is no restriction on what can be played. Sometimes we use the whole floor of the hall for a game. If your game is not mentioned below, please bring it along for other members to see!


Historical wargames from all periods remain popular, with Ancients, American Civil War, WW2, Napoleonics, Naval, and WW1 aeroplanes being favoured.


Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and Lord of the Rings games by Games Workshop have a good following. Several members have fleets for the sci-fi tabletop Full Thrust game.


Occasional Blood Bowl games are played, and the Wizkids Pirates and Star Wars games. 

If you’d like to speak about particular game genres you could try the following members:


Aeroplanes                        Richard Copperwheat, Robin Copperwheat, Bill Edney, John Vaughan

Trains                               Richard Copperwheat

Naval                                Robin Copperwheat, John Vaughan

Ancients                            Bill Edney, John Vaughan, Kevin Everard,

Car Wars/Zombies            Si Fairweather

Warhammer; Fantasy         Swampy, Olly Holgate, Jeff Megson

                     40k             Steve Bradbury, Jeff Megson, Swampy

Lord of the Rings               Jeff Megson, Tony West. Swampy

Warmaster                        Ian Fredericks

Blood Bowl                        Darth Moan

Fields of Glory, FOG         Bill Edney.

DBA/DBM                        John Vaughn, Kevin Everard.

Full Thrust                        Ian Fredericks

WW2                                Richard Holgate, Robin Copperwheat,

ACW                                 Richard Holgate,

Dungeons & Dragons           Darth Moan

Pirates & Starwars             Darth Moan.

Board Games                      Darth Moan,Richard Copperwheat

The site is regularly updated with lists of what’s on, photos, and occasional match reports (when members write them!). Add it to your “favourites” list and feel free to contribute!

We hope that you enjoy your membership of the club, and look forward to meeting you across the table.

Given the increase in the cost of hiring the hall, the AGM agreed unanimously that we needed to increase dice tax, so please remember we will have to ask for £3 from playing members, and £4 for playing non-members. We will also be asking for contributions of £1 from under 16 players and anybody else (including under 16s) who attends but does not get involved in a game. The extra revenue raised is necessary for the club's survival, but represents good value for a night out and use of the club's equipment, and is the first increase in the best part of a decade. Please note that the first week for a non-member is free, whether or not they play, but they will be asked to join or pay the increased dice tax thereafter. On the night that membership is paid for the first time, dice tax is waived.

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