The Lost Gold of Montezuma


Captain Leonardoís Mercenaries once again find themselves in a sticky situation in the New World.


The raid upon an ancient, ruined temple to steal gold was indeed a success; however, the intrepid captain did the customary act of underestimating the scaly natives.


Mage Priest Chilipepa was concerned to say the least at the sudden disappearance of a sacred plaque. His minions had put up staunch resistance, but the young races had escaped. A cold-blooded solution was needed, and a sizable force was dispatched to bring back the gold.


Meanwhile, Leonardoís men once again had forgotten insect repellent, but they were insight of the beach at last. Alas, the scaly ones had emerged from the jungle and were intent on stealing the hard won gold. While the treasure made haste for the beach and the waiting boat, the mercenary army stood and faced the cold-blooded reptiles.

A bloody battle ensued, giant reptilians with huge axes fighting equally large mercenary ogres, ranks of emotionless crocodilian cohorts ploughing into disciplined pikemen. The captain and his men were just holding out, trying to give time for the cart with the gold to escape. However, mules were a poor investment, and when one collapsed mid-battle the cart became stranded amidst a maelstrom of confusion. Leonardoís bodyguard, surrounded and outnumbered, were fighting for their lives but somehow managed to stave off the first wave of lizards. Gold is a strong incentive when a lifetime of retirement is in sight. The captain was not going to give in, and with his ship Navarro readying its cannons off shore there was a glimmer of hope he could defeat the reptiles and recover the gold.


Yet the cold-blooded chaps have Mage Priest Chilipepa making haste to personally reconcile the lost plaque. Through the ancient power of Bluetooth, he had made contact with his superior, Lord Montezuma, and discovered the treasure was even more crucial than previously thought...



Leonardo's Escape the story continues;.   


Through the swirling mist Leonardo could still see rank upon rank of reptilian creatures. They advanced steadily, emitting no battle cries, marching in unison. It could be said that the enemy he was up against had a collective mind; such was its disconcertingly organised nature.


The adventurer and his ragtag mercenary force was lucky; for the Captainís ship, the Navarro has somehow moved up the coast and by chance met the gold-hunterís pitiful remains of an expedition.

Leonardo wiped a sticky, dark green substance of his sword. The nativesí attack had been ferocious, and the thrice-damned cart with the gold had ended up in the middle of the field of battle. Still, the cold-blooded scum were not in possession of it, thought the Captain.     

Reinforcements from the Navarro had thankfully arrived, mainly bloodthirsty Norse warriors he had somehow persuaded (through ale more than money) to join. A desperate attempt but drilled Estalian Pikemen were hard to come by these days.

His loyal Knights around him, Leonardo steadied himself for a second assault from the reptiles. Emerging from the mist, the cohorts of lizards were met by the boom of a Galloper Gun. The smoke added to the mist. The natives began to advance quicker, determined to seize their stolen gold. The Captain was equally stubborn. Grab the treasure and get out of there!  He motioned to his bugler to sound the advance.


Chilipepa was young by his racesí standards, only a few thousand years or so, but he still possessed considerable powers which surpassed even those of the greatest Elven Mage or Chaos Sorcerer. The teleport spell had come off, thank Sotek! By using the ancient star tower as a beacon he and his loyal Temple Guard materialised at the scene of battle.

Once there, the Slann Priest wasted no time in devouring a fly which had strayed too close. The Saurus Guardsmen responded to his every whim, bred to protect their omnipotent master. Chilipepa knew the sacred plaque was of highest importance; indeed it is rare to see a Slann stir for battle. Lord Monmtezuma demanded that plaque. His army, commanded by Scar Veteran Tlaxitzi was already attacking the puny humans.  

Why had the Old Ones created such a bothersome race? Such a question would take at least eight hundred years to ponder.


Leonardo hacked left and right at savage snarling heads. These beasts the reptiles rode were killing machines, but Plate armour from the Empire was no equal.

Slicing off a monsterís head with ease, the Captain turned in his saddle to see his men were winning the fight. Green blood spattered his armour, his men already exhausted by the onslaught. He could see his infantry faltering in the face of the approaching Lizard phalanxes. The armyís paymaster, Maximus, controlled the centre of the battle line. He couldnít be trusted to stand his ground.


The crazed Norse mercenaries threw themselves into the fight. Although undisciplined, they were a good buy indeed, taking many a reptilian with them as they fell.


Despite his menís bravery, a wedge of yellow-scaled warriors broke through, Maximus himself falling at the hands of a crocodilian savage. Leonardo resolved to get to the boats. Sounding a general retreat, he and his bodyguard of knights made for the shoreline. The shipís cannon would soon be in range, there was still a chance of capturing the treasure!



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